Friday, 23 July 2010

I have been wondering why i haven't received any Little White Company or Mini Boden brochures lately. Imagine my surprise on discovering a whole stash of them, wedged unceremoniously behind the S bend of the (little used) downstairs loo. When i had recovered from the surprise of this remarkable find, i pondered upon how they came to be there.
I am fairly sure that the Post man is not responsible, and therefore can only conclude that for the past 6 months, Jasper has been stealthily intercepting them in a last ditch attempt to curb my lust for buying baby clothes. I can't say i am really that surprised - my obsession with smock dresses, applique t shirts and cashmere mix romper suits in every conceivable style and colour, is an issue that i realise i have to address. It isn't healthy. Here i was confronting the unequivocal proof of my addiction: the irony of the situation was not lost on me.
One would normally imagine a bottle of Smirnoff, not babywear brochures, to be artfully concealed in the grimy recesses of a downstairs loo.
It is official. I am a Bodenaholic.

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